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Adina’s Jewels is a jewelry and accessories company that started as a small online business which grew quickly and took off! The rapid growth of the company can be credited to the tech & social media savvy CEO. The young millennial keenly understood the power of combining beautiful, quality jewelry with social media influencers and the rest was history! After the brand took off, the central question was, “how do we maintain both the brand growth and sales?”

The Adina’s Jewels team approached us with this question when sales and site traffic were steady but the conversion rates were not meeting expectations. We began the project by completing an in-depth review of the customer demographics and website analytics. Based on customer feedback and website data, our recommendation was two-fold: refine the visual brand identity and apply it to a completely new and fully customized Shopify theme. The goal was to elevate the brand and optimize the website and user experience. In essence, to bring the company from small startup to an established brand.

Branding Refinement

For the brand refinement, instead of taking a complete departure from the original branding, we chose to stay true to the original logo by making only slight design tweaks in order to create a more minimal and sleek logo. We then selected and integrated cohesive typography throughout the site and used a minimal but impactful color palette. The brand also needed a new and elevated visual narrative and therefore required new photography and product images. As part of this work, we worked closely with the Adina’s Jewels team, consulting on the styling and direction of the photoshoot as well as photo retouching for the final selection of images to be used throughout the site.

Mobile UX/UI

Moving into the website process, we researched the best Shopify theme to customize based on the established website goals and functionality needs. One key consideration was that a large part of their website traffic came from mobile. Keeping this mind, we reworked the overall information architecture of the site with a focus on mobile UX/UI. After establishing the new site and product category hierarchies we began the site design.

The sleek new branding was integrated throughout the site pages from the jewelry collections, individual product pages through to the shopping cart and checkout. The new user journey is now branded, intuitive and seamless. 

The product pages were customized and designed for better product viewing, allowing the user to browse the various color skus of the pieces. We streamlined the checkout process by removing the many unneeded steps and clicks, creating a simple and easy checkout process from any device.

The new Adina’s Jewels site delivers a beautiful, fully branded and seamless experience that is optimized for mobile. Whether on desktop, tablet or mobile the new user journey allows users to intuitively navigate the site, product pages and purchase products seamlessly and securely.

Client Praise

“So thankful for working with such a great team! In addition to the website’s advanced functionality and sleek design, the team was incredible to work with! JPD made sure to meet every deadline and offer quick and effective solutions to any challenge I threw at them.

Kim, Jessica & Julia are exceptionally talented, from web development & design to photography and styling, I quickly realized that I could trust them. JPD was a true partner that always considered and valued my feedback, they found the perfect balance between both of our point of views which resulted in an impactful and beautifully designed site. Given JPD’s expertise, sharp mindset and keen design sense, they are certainly not a firm to pass up!”
— Mayer Kamkhatchi, CEO


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