The Importance of Being Organized

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” – Yogi Berra

Projects, by their very nature, are messy. The creation of something new or the alteration of an existing project typically require several people in different roles working together, with the ultimate goal of combining all ideas and work to create a product that achieves all project goals.

There is absolutely no way to do this successfully without good project management.

  • It’s how a small team gets big team results.
  • It’s how all stakeholders and team members know deadlines and what they are responsible for.
  • It’s how things get done on time and on budget.


A project manager’s value in a project is a bit difficult to define, so we like the analogy of a good project manager acting as a shepherd. Let’s say that the desired end result from a flock of sheep is the creation of a beautiful sweater. Without the shepherd, the sheep would run wild and the wool would not get sheared, made into yarn and knit into a sweater. Thanks to the shepherd, the sheep are herded, sheared, the yarn spun and the sweater knit. Although the shepherd isn’t directly doing each of these things, he or she ensures everything happens in order to guarantee a successful outcome.

As a small team, we are able to achieve big results in large part because of our project management, which is included in the cost of each project. We use proven project management tools as part of our process to help with communication and keep our projects on track and on budget. It’s a large reason why many of our clients return to work with us on multiple projects.

Organization is essential to project management and strong project management is key to running a successful business. Being able to see the big picture, anticipating project variables, and most importantly, being proactive versus reactive in how you handle new opportunities or potential problems are all crucial to a successful project. 


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