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In the age of technology, first impressions matter! As a restaurant owner, baker, caterer or other purveyor of delectables, we’re sure that you understand the importance of the five senses: sight, touch, taste, sound and smell. Today, in order to grow your customer base, restaurants MUST use technology to tap into the one sense that you can actually reach: sight. That said, it’s not enough to simply “be online”; you must be visible, impressive and memorable.

“ 75% of people say they choose a restaurant to dine at based on website search results.”
— Data results from Single Platform

For restaurants in particular, it is no longer okay just to have a basic site with your location and hours; you need a wow factor. This means having an impactful and enticing website (or as we say, your own home on the internet) that will advertise your business for you at all hours (even after close). This is critical for restaurants today as the industry is the most highly searched online. 

“81% of consumers have searched for a restaurant on a mobile app and 92% through a web browser in the last six months, outperforming other highly searched industries, such as entertainment, retail outlets, hotels, and personal services.” 
— Data results from Single Platform

Squarespace is a great choice for restaurants for both functionality and aesthetics. The platform is user-friendly and has great restaurant-specific features that offer some robust 3rd platform integrations (like Chow Now for online ordering).

We realize that for most restaurant owners, time is money. Sure it would great to have a ridiculously beautiful and functional website, but who has the time? This is where JPD comes in! Below is our “Restaurant” Package that caters (see what we did there?) to your specific industry needs. Bottom line, we’ll do the work; you run your business.



“Restaurant” Package

For restaurants, bakeries, caterers and foodies! This package allows for future scalability so your site can grow with your business needs. Organization is key so all content (copy and images) must be ready to go. Starting at $2500 / 2-3 weeks

Prix Fixed Menu Includes:

  • Template selection and customization
  • Up to 5 professionally designed standard length content pages or sections
  • Fully responsive design (displays on all screens)
  • Basic UX (user experience) and IA (information architecture) recommendations
  • Application of logo and branding
  • 1 photo gallery
  • 1 video gallery
  • Contact form
  • Social media integration
  • MailChimp integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Quality assurance/testing
  • Domain setup/migration
  • Pre-launch training

Let’s Get Started!




Why JPD?

We’re glad you asked. Combining our 10 years of design and web expertise with the power of Squarespace, we create the most user-friendly and high-performing sites as fast and as efficiently as possible. We cover everything from basic site structure and design to completely custom solutions. We recommend hiring an expert team of Squarespace specialist like JPD to create your Squarespace website because while Squarespace is easy to use and maintain, there is a learning curve that requires time, experience and patience.


Are there additional package options available?
Looking for something a little in-between our packages? We are happy to offer à la carte additions based on your project needs.

What’s an ideal timeline?
From the receipt of the signed contract, initial payment and receipt of your content, we will aim to have your site ready to launch within 2-3 weeks. Prompt communication and decision-making will help the project stay on track. Smaller sites may be done sooner while larger sites may require additional time. We will let you know where your project stands throughout the project.

How will we communicate?
At the start of the project we will send a questionnaire so we can better understand you, your company and your company’s goals and needs. We’ll then set up a call or meeting to discuss the project goals in more detail. We’ll use an intuitive and easy to use system called Basecamp for all of our correspondence.

How should content be provided?
At the start of the project we will ask you to add your logo, text, images, videos, etc. to our intuitive and easy to use content gathering system called GatherContent.

What are potential site integrations?
Mailchimp, Amazon, ApplePay, ChowNow, OpenTable are just a few of the Squarespace site add-ons available.

How does payment work?
We accept checks and credit cards. In order to get your project in our queue, 50% of the quoted total will be due at the start of the project. For projects below $3K, full payment will be due at the start of the project.

Does the price include hosting?
Squarespace accounts and ongoing hosting fees are paid directly to Squarespace and are not factored into JPD’s pricing. We will advise you on the best Squarespace hosting package for your company based on your needs and will help manage your account setup.

Is JPD available for support and maintenance after the website launches?
Yes! We have several retainer packages available. Please ask us for more info.

What other branding, logo, web and print services can JPD help with?
We can help with any aspect of your company’s promotion! Visit our services page for an overview.


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