Is Your Brand Message on Point?

As an established brand fast approaching our 10th year in business (I know, we can’t believe it either!), we have been fortunate enough to work with many amazing clients. While our core values and services haven’t changed, our offerings, expertise and technology have evolved. As such so has the company, team and thus the brand. It was time for a JPD Studio rebrand…. But where to start?! Before we reveal our process and new look, let’s step back and look at why and how companies come to the decision to rebrand in the first place.

When establishing a brand or deciding to rebrand, your product matters, no question, BUT your brand’s story is what makes an impact. Your brand is more than just your logo, website and product. The brand is the overall presence and tone that represents your mission, culture, values, voice and reputation. Capturing these intangibles, bottling them up and bringing them to life into a visual brand that permeates both the digital and physical world requires an exceptional creative design team. That’s where JPD Studio comes in!

So, how do you know if/when your company is in need of a rebrand? Well, there are a few key factors to focus on that can clarify your brand standing and help you reach a decision.


Ask yourself the following questions about your business:

  • Have your services changed?
  • Has your market changed?
  • Are you having trouble reaching your sales goals?
  • Do the clients you’re attracting no longer make up the demographic you’re trying to target?
  • Are you struggling to attract the right clients?


If you responded yes to two or more of these, then chances are a rebrand should be considered and would be a worthy investment. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t! Yes, this process can seem like quite the undertaking but the truth is whether a business is going through a rebrand or simply reviewing its growth and market traction.

…it is important to review where you were vs. where are you now in order to implement the goals necessary to achieve where you want to be.

At JPD Studio we asked ourselves these questions, reviewed our growth and goals and determined a rebrand was in order. As part of our process we went through a few branding exercises that we will be sharing with you in our next post! Many of the exercises we used are fun, important AND a necessary process that any company should do intermittently throughout the inevitable evolution of your business.

So, until next time we will leave you with the following question, is it time for you to rebrand?

Stay tuned for our next Inside JPD rebrand post, we will be covering and sharing our branding exercises. We will take you behind the scenes of our rebranding process and unveiling our new JPD Brand!

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